When it comes to church financing, there has never been a better time to apply for a church loan; interest rates are low and can be amortized for as long as 30 years. Many lenders are not making loans, and of those that do, even fewer are willing to help churches. We believe in this market, and we believe that people of faith are willing to give even when times are tough.

Our goal this year is to close $100,000,000 in church loans. In only 24 hours we can analyze your request and tell you if you will be another satisfied customer that will help us reach our goal.

If you are looking for a church loan, you have come to the right company. We provide over $100,000,000 a year in church financing for projects. Our church loans range in size from $75,000 to $24,500,000, our largest project to date for Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, Texas. If your church is searching for a loan to renovate, purchase, expand or construct a church building, obtain a church mortgage or church refinancing, contact us today to see if we can help. We want to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a number of different church financing programs to meet your needs. Even if you have been turned down by your bank we want to talk to you. We are often able to be more creative than a traditional bank. We understand that churches are different from for-profit businesses and that their finances are unique. Many lenders simply do not.

*What you can expect from us:

  • Absolutely free and no obligation quote
  • 24 hour conditional approvals on your church loan
  • No personal guarantees on our church loan products
  • Quick closings
  • Fantastic Service

* Not every church will qualify for a loan; rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

If you are in the market for a church loan, or would simply like to find out if we can save your church money by refinancing your current church mortgage, please complete our quick and easy church financing application on this page.